Presenter for the Following Session

  • GAMESMOOC: Lurkers Welcome!

    Featuring a guild design and rich media, the GAMESMOOC series of three Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) employed an activity-based learning approach to provide learners with a multisensory experience. Participants played a variety of commercial games, including the World of Warcraft and Minecraft, and reflected on the use of games, game-based learning motifs, gamification and immersive 3D environments in which players and lurkers are welcome.

  • Participation Matters: Evaluating Shared Leadership in Online Games

    This session reflects on how to foster shared leadership opportunities for group work in online learning environments through the study of how the leadership role was shared between virtual team members in an online game. Highlights from the study feature the game environment that was designed by Air University’s Innovations and Integrations Division, the research methods, instruments and a summary of the findings that may assist educators in their online course development.