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  • Citizen Journalism: Social Media as the Writer’s Canvas

    As teachers, we have to consider how voice and authority change in the technological realm of writing. Because students are becoming authors and generators of ideas, their voices and authority move from passive, student voices, to more active voices of experts. This change will influence the dynamic of power in the writing classroom.

  • Beyond Email: Harnessing Multimedia Tools to Effectively Communicate with Students

    Forging a connection between instructors and students presents continued challenges in all course modalities. When Wooten-Blanks (2012) used PowerPoint to share her story including her struggles as a student, grades in her courses went up by about 20%. She said “I realized that my story had impacted the students” (par.2). Sull (2012) stated “Today’s technology allows us to get closer to our students—and lets our personalities really shine through” (par. 9).

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