Presenter for the Following Session

  • Improving Student Engagement in Online Courses

    This presentation is designed to illustrate the concept of student engagement and enable participants to learn how to increase engagement in online courses. At the end of the session participants will be able to organize their online courses for increased student engagement.

  • Do Online Discussion Right

    It is important to use best practices in online discussions because threaded discussions are becoming increasingly common in online courses. The session will present best practices in using online discussions from related literature, from the presenter’s personal experience in teaching 100 online courses since 2000, and from actual student feedback in those courses. The results include how and when students participate in online discussions and what students think about online discussions.

  • Use Human Touch to Engage Online Students

    Human touch is really all about creating and maintaining relationships. When students sense a trusting, caring relationship on the part of their instructor, students begin to perceive that their online experience is as much about them, or even more so, than the curriculum, projects, and test results. Students feel that their instructor is trying to establish a warm, supportive relationship, their sense of belonging and engagement increases. That’s just human nature.

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