Presenter for the Following Session

  • International Student Videoconferencing: Bringing Global Encounters to Your Class

    TakingITGlobal and the Centre for Global Education presents: Global Encounters! This program program brings together students from across the world through live video conferences that explore global issues and the potential youth have to shape a better common future. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the purpose and methodology that drive this program, as well as the outcomes experienced among students who have taken part in the program.

  • Take Your Classroom Global!

    The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to TIG and TIGed that will enable educators to effectively utilize the tools, resources and opportunities offered by these websites. Participants will learn about the tools and resources available for youth and for educators on TIG and TIGed through guided site tours and will learn how educators have used online tools for effective global learning initiatives, and global, collaborative project-based learning.