Presenter for the Following Session

  • Strategic Social Networking for the Online Instructor

    Social networking sites are making it easier than ever for online instructors to connect with both peers and students online, but not all platforms and accounts are ideal for this kind of interaction. Educators may encounter questions and concerns about how to proceed with both personal and professional communication via social media. The desire for some level of privacy must be balanced with the growing need for the development of a professional digital identity. But separating communication with friends and family from that with colleagues and students can be challenging.

  • All About Blogs: Universal Tool of the Digital Academic

    So many new technologies, so little time. The availability of an increasing number of applications and devices can leave us all feeling a little overwhelmed and out-of-date. Finding the time and budget necessary to experiment with everything is unrealistic and as soon as new options emerge others are retired or become obsolete. With functionality in mind, blogging platforms provide not only flexibility, but also an easy-to-learn interface for those interested in a range of online learning activities from community building to professional development.