Presenter for the Following Session

  • Recruiting, Training, Mentoring, Observing, Evaluating, and Maintaining Online Adjunct Faculty

    The presentation will address the process utilized to recruit, train, mentor, observe, and retain online instructors. Like the majority of colleges and universities in the United States, Park University offers online courses. In fact, More than 80 percent of Park’s enrollments are online courses. In order to maintain sufficient, qualified faculty to teach the large number of courses has required a nationwide recruiting effort.

  • Applying Critical Thinking in the Classroom: The Importance of Instructor Preparation

    Research indicates that academics and students have differing perceptions of what happens in university classrooms, particularly in regard to higher order thinking, in particular, critical thinking. Higher education is challenged with encouraging students to pursue higher-order thinking and often fall short according to industry standards. The current research was directed at responses from full-time and adjunct faculty teaching either face-to-face or online mainly in the disciplines of criminal justice and political science to assess their views and application of teaching critical skills.