Presenter for the Following Session

  • You Tube Pronunciation Videos in the EFL Classroom

    Although Saudi students at the College of Languages and Translation take 4 listening and 4 speaking courses, many students, especially beginners, find English pronunciation difficult. They have difficulty with some English vowels and consonants, associating spoken phonemes with written graphemes, homophones and homographs, stress, intonation, pause and juncture. The presentation aims to show how You Tube pronunciation videos can be integrated in EFL instruction to improve students’ pronunciation.

  • Feasibility of Digital Multimedia Language Labs for Interpreting Instruction

    The College of Languages and Translation (COLT) prepares translators and interpreters. Some of the courses the students take are language courses (listening, speaking…etc) and 4 types of interpreting courses (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison & sight). COLT has installed 4 multimedia language labs (MLL) currently used for teaching listening and speaking courses, in addition to interpreting courses. Each MLL consists of a teacher’s station and 40 student stations each with a computer, headsets and an audio box.