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  • Beyond Email: Harnessing Multimedia Tools to Effectively Communicate with Students

    Forging a connection between instructors and students presents continued challenges in all course modalities. When Wooten-Blanks (2012) used PowerPoint to share her story including her struggles as a student, grades in her courses went up by about 20%. She said “I realized that my story had impacted the students” (par.2). Sull (2012) stated “Today’s technology allows us to get closer to our students—and lets our personalities really shine through” (par. 9).

  • We Flipped Learning On Its Ear

    Developmental educators face the challenge of preparing adult learners for the rigor of college courses. At a major online college, instructors have ten short weeks to ensure learners reach post-secondary standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Fostering motivation in developmental adult learners can be difficult as prior educational experiences may not have been positive.

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