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  • Active Engagement of the Embedded Librarianship in the Online Classroom

    The goal of this session is to define the role of the embedded librarian in relationship to implementation of this service in the online classroom. Proactive engagement of the embedded librarian working in tandem with instructors can assist learners with their research. This is especially beneficial in the distance learning environment where learners are using a virtual library. It is the objective of this session to provide information regarding how the embedded librarian can serve as a means for providing information of an array of library resources to faculty and students.

  • The Effective Use of Skype in the Online Classroom Environment

    Clear communication is key in educational settings. The implementation of Skype in online classroom provides a venue for clear communication. Implementation begins with an initial post from the instructor during the classroom set up by posting their Skype name with instructions as to how to download the free software. Students are encouraged to do this at the start the course in order to be in communication with the instructor and fellow classmates.

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